Kotaku Guitar

This project was an escape from senior year college stress. I actually painted it twice due to unintentionally spraying gloss on top of gloss (very bad idea). I used acrylic craft paint, a silver sharpie, and triple thick clear coat glaze. I sketched many different designs before deciding on this one. I’ve been a kotakuite for a couple years now and was surprised this hadn’t been done yet. I tried to imitate site header, using silver for the buttons and accents. The buttons were a little sticky, but now that the glaze has completely set, its not noticable. Here are a couple close up pictures:

I intend to paint my other ps2 guitar in the future. I’m not sure what design I want to use, but there are certainly things I will do different:

1. Less layers
I used a few layers of white to make the coats look smooth, despite my use of a foam brush. But, in the end, the gloss made the paint beneath look smooth.

2. Different glaze
The triple thick was nice and gave a super glossy finish, but it was a pain to spray and took forever to set (due to spraying multiple layers in the effort to achieve uniformity)

3. More patience
I tried to rush through reassembling the guitar, which damaged the clear coat. It would have been ideal to let the paint set completely before putting it back together.

4. Avoid painting the frets
They were a pain to sand and I think the color beneath dissolved with the clear coat… there are unexplained blotches of faint color on the neck.

So, that’s it. For those interested in your own craft-taku, the paint colors were Craft Smart “Bright Magenta” and “Citron” and the background was Delta Creative Ceramcoat “Light Ivory. The silver was a Metallic Silver Sharpie and the glaze was Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze

Any suggestions for the next guitar’s theme?


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