Multiple System Versions: My Own Worst Enemy

My two month old PSP has already been undermined, and you bet I’m bitter. I know this is the way things go. That’s why I waited so long to get an Xbox and continue to stall on a PS3. It’s why I waited to get a DS and even why I waited to get a PSP. I didn’t want to be stuck with something old, clunky, and featureless when undoubtedly something new, shiny, and feature-ful came out the next year. Despite my efforts this has (sort of) happened to the PSP. The 3000 was announced officially, and I want to be mad about it.

But, I know that’s a wasted emotion. I know that this happens, but why so soon? It’s a function of electronics at large that they consistently get smaller/better as time goes on. I waited for a higher storage capacity iPod, they came out with color. I wait and buy a video iPod when my old one breaks, they come out with thinner models and a touch screen. I know I can’t be mad about it, because in some sick way it’s exactly what I want: something newer, something shinier.

Though I only own original versions, I believe SNES and Genesis, among others, came out with later, better versions. It’s certainly something to be expected in the hand held market (along with fancy new colors!). Even though it brings better products to the market, it makes those who buy first feel like guinea pigs. Sure, I could trade in my system and lose less money, but I don’t want to lose any money. I want the brightest strawberries on what I’ve already bought.

I also don’ t want to feel foolish for buying/not buying the new/old Xbox360/PS3. There’s work that goes into planning a good purchase date, which figures in price drops, obscure system parts, and a complex graph of how important online capabilities are to me. At some point, I just say “screw it!” I buy the system and close my ears to the news about what a big mistake I’ve made.

At the same time, I know this has all been done in the effort to please me, the gaming consumer. As a collective voice we are always bitching about something, and the booming industry is eager to improve. So, what I hate is what I create… sounds like something I’ve read before (and heard before, and watched before, and played before…)


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