This weekend

While waiting for fall’s game releases, I’ve been revisiting some previously played titles collecting dust. I got the smart idea to “beat” Me and My Katamari by completing the collection. That means collecting everything there is to collect in the entire game. I’m beginning to think it’s a matter of luck more than persistence. Even with eternal mode (which has no time limits) it’s proving to be harder than I expected. But, this weekend is the first weekend off that I’ve had in a while. After seeing Hamlet 2 this afternoon, I’m going to try to beat the first boss race in Need For Speed Carbon on Xbox 360. I’m finding the race particularly hard. My car doesn’t seem good enough to keep up with him, but I’ve been too impatient to make it too the end. I get speed hungry and end up going over the edge. But anyways, after that it will be more Katamari collecting.


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