Righteous Kill Review

*no spoiler review*

I went to see it simply because of the leading men. That’s a flimsy reason to go, I know. The plot seemed a little interesting but predictable. A late-summer action drama with big stars. Of course, it’s a thought provoking theme: is there a righteous kill? Can you ever justify a murder that isn’t in self-defense?

The movie did not start like I expected. From the trailers, it was understood that DeNiro and Pacino were involved in murders of “bad guys.” What you didn’t know what how directly they were related to these murders or how they happened. I was surprised to see grainy scenes of DeNiro talking about the murders in the early moments of the film, and continuing throughout. In trailers he seemed to be the more aggressive of the two, but the discussion of the murders so early was a surprise.

This revelation certainly framed the rest of the movie, which showed the past while jumping to film of DeNiro in the present/future. DeNiro, playing a cop in the film, confesses to murders that exploit the law process he fights against. Those found not guilty for one reason or another anger DeNiro, but an individual taking retaliation against these men sinks him to their level. Since you aren’t told who the killer is, you get to try to frame different characters as you watch, trying to decipher who is responsible for these righteous kills. The characters in the film are doing the same thing, and it’s exciting to watch their accusations of one another. The film was a believable and amusing ride.

I’d rate this as one to consider. I can’t say I’d ever watch it again, but it was entertaining nonetheless.


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