Between Guilty Gear and My Japanese Coach, I managed to completely forget about Midnight Club and Guitar Hero. Additionally, I bought some used games, like GG Dust Strikers and Super Collapse for DS. I’ve got so much gaming to do; I hardly know where to start. I’ve officially banned myself from purchasing anything outside of pre-orders, but such bans are easily broken. Buying a GameCube certainly didn’t help. Right now, at GameStop, you can get one for $40, which includes an extra controller, two $10 games and a memory card. It’s like getting the game, controller, and a memory card free. After I bought that, of course I needed the gameboy player, and of course I needed a game like Croc to go on it… So there’s been a lot of reckless spending on my part. Somewhere in there I rented Devil May Cry, which was fantastic even though I had it on super easy mode like the slacker I am.

Hopefully I’ll have more reviews up here since I will be busy playing and working. The Japanese coach is off to a great start. I was placed in level 11, but they were still explaining SOV sentence structure to me. Super Collapse for DS is great, even with it’s thoroughly unnecessary quest mode. I like having the ability to use bombs whenever I want. Unfortunately it seems to be a requirement for far too many levels.

I was told today that Final Fantasy 2 and 3 both suck a little and I should skip them since there’s a lot of FF ahead. But, I want to go through them all naturally…. well, naturally as they were released in japan, anyways.

This month, I have Final Fantasy 2 and 3, Guilty Gear on DS, PSP and 360, Super Collapse on DS, Japanese Coach on DS, Midnight Club and Guitar Hero on 360 and miscellaneous GameCube games all waiting to be played, and not much time to play them, let alone keep up with this blog. Is it possible that I finally have too many games?

… nah


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