Digital Life

In the attempt to collect all my digital identities, I came across this blog again. I thought I would just delete it, but I read the last post and felt I should keep it going. I’m still at Gamestop, but in a different store much closer to home. I still want a different job, but still can’t decide exactly what I should do. So in a lot of ways, I’m in the exact same place. That doesn’t mean nothing has changed. I’m married and have a house now. The home is more of a responsibility than I could have imagined, and like many people will say a marriage is more of a change than you can imagine, not due to lack of preparation but somethings you just don’t see coming, or even if you did see them your spouse didn’t. But all that said, I am trying to organize my life so I can more cohesively move forward, and this blog is one of the more delightful discoveries.

I didn’t realize how many little accounts I have floating out in the web. I’m trying to create one profile for everything, I only wish there was one site that you could use to access everything. Sort of like does for your finances, one site that you could enter all your accounts into so you could log into that one site and see all of your other accounts. I’m sure that is a lot easier said than done, especially given the growing complexity of sites like facebook. My phone features Motoblur, which sort of does this digital simplifying. It can manage most email accounts, as well as Myspace, Facebook, Google,, Twitter, Picasa, Photobucket and corporate sync, whatever that is. I found this page through Picasa, which apparently saved the photos I posted. I always feel a little uneasy about companies constantly merging and absorbing each other, only because we won’t have many choices as it continues, but it’s sort of nice in this case. Maybe the solution to these digital identities is that soon enough, there will only be a few separate companies with multiple affiliates so it won’t be difficult to manage at all.

Another nice thing about Motoblur is that you can easily view the location of your phone online. It won’t help you find it in your house, but if you left it in a store or in someone’s car, you could get a good idea of where it was. It’s a feature you can turn off too if you don’t like the possible invasion of privacy. I guess with gps on many phones now, this feature is maybe more available than I realize.

Anyways, hopefully I will keep writing updates here, and set myself back on the tracks I laid nearly two years ago.


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