Kingdom Hearts Project


Birth by Sleep is exciting and engaging to play. Being the chronological first game of the series, there is a lot to be expected from the story. Why are there keyblades? How are the wielders exactly picked? Did there used to be more, or less keyblade wielders. I think we all remember how exciting it was when Mickey showed up with a keyblade.

Little Sora and little Riku were in the opening of the game, we see them gazing at a falling star that is seemingly Ventus. And, Ventus’s clothing looks something like a mix of Sora and Roxas’s. Unfortunately, I have discovered no more information on that path. We also see all three of the characters at the crossroads that Sora later reaches. Again, nothing on that note. However, one of my favorite moments from KHI, when Kairi’s grandmother tells the story about light, is retold in this game. We even get to see little princess Kairi, whom we help protect with Mickey. The grandmothers story is more accurate than one may have thought. The people fighting over the light were keyblade wielders, according to Xemnas’ account.

I’ve enjoyed going to older Disney movies like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and even seeing a younger Hercules. There’s been a character from every world to d-link with, and though rarely used I think snow white may be my favorite. Her d-link powers are named after the dwarves. 

I’m a little concerned about playing through this twice more, and wondering how much will really be added to the story each time. Aqua is trailing the other two, so I think I’m glad that I picked her first. I don’t know much about the story, and neither does she. Always trying to track them down keeps this first segment exciting, and I am interested to learn why they went the places they did, and to hear these stories first hand to see what really happened. Also, with all these early details revealed, I’m excited to play the original game next to see how everything matches up.


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