Kingdom Hearts Project

I have played through Land of Departure, Dwarf Woodlands, Castle of Dreams, Enchanted Dominion, Radiant Garden, Disney Town, Olympus Coliseum, And Deep Space with my first Character, Aqua. I’m currently level 22 with 63hp. I’ve been a little obsessed with melding, so I’m constantly leveling commands. It’s great when I’m wandering around, but when it comes time to take on a boss I often die before I remember I need to change my deck. As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I was a little nervous at the talk of decks. It’s a good way to blend the horrible system from Chain of Memories with the action of the original Kingdom Hearts.

There are certainly a lot of ways to attack. I’m trying to keep everything evenly leveled. I only have one of two hearts for most of the d-links, though. I was trying to conserve commands at first, which really slowed things down. I think it’s best to go full tilt with the commands, then use attacks when they are recharging. I have five of the special modes, Diamond Dust, Firestorm, Thundercharge, Spellweaver and Bladestorm. Despite each being good for different enemies, I like Bladestorm the best. The reach is unparalleled, and especially for a mage-type character. The potions sort of seem useless, but they be more beneficial for the other characters.

I think I will spend some time backtracking to collect things I may have missed. I haven’t visited the Mirage Arena either. I like the collection pages to keep track of what I need, but the sticker book…. the sticker book I could do without. Hopefully there will be a nice prize when it is completed.


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