Kingdom Hearts Project

Just updating with some pros and cons today.

-Depth of menu options. Some things are listed in a couple different places when appropriate.
-Nice checklist notebook that lets you see what you are missing. It would be nice if they showed you where or how to get the item, something that could be turned on and off.
-Command board that allows you to level up
-Multiplayer! I haven’t used it yet, there are some shotlocks that are only available though multiplayer
-Expanding the possibilities and storyline of Kingdom Hearts, and so far, not making it worse.
-Extensive command list
-The keyblade graveyard. Something that seemed so rare in the first game, and there are thousands upon thousands of them just abandoned. I would hope that the keyblade wars could get a full game on a console like ps3 or 360, with multiplayer and single player campaigns. Though we know roughly how that would end, I’m sure there is still a story to be told there, and maybe some heavy foreshadowing that connects to the games they have made and maybe more games to come.

-Any special states like spellweaver and d-links are lost in menu and transitioning between areas. Areas are necessarily big enough to make this seem a little unfair.
-Command boards: there are a lot of them and in essence have no real connection to the rest of the game. Suddenly, it’s Mario Party. And Cinderella beat the crap out of me.
-Command list could be shortened to dedicate more resources to other parts of the game.
-Some areas feel unnecessary, like the town near Thebes @ Olympus.
-A big clunky game that lags and grinds (but it looks so pretty doing it.)


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