I do other things with my free time besides gaming. Things like watching tons of television. I watch 30 Rock, The Office, Big Bang Theory, and most disappointing, Outsourced. Even the movie wasn’t that great. I really thought the movie would be good. I know some people who legitimately like it, but it just feels too forced to me. “Oh, I am from America, and this is not America, how weird!” seems to be the plot of every episode. I wish they would focus more on developing the characters than this endless list of ways India is different than America. Though, I guess its a brand new ethnicity to NBC and that’s a good thing to support. I like DIY network and aside from that, I just watch old stuff on Netflix that I should have watched when it was on.

Arrested Development is probably the best show I watched too late. Unfortunately, it is hard to explain to people. (Like trying to explain the game “Sneak King” to someone. “You’re the burger king mascot, and you are sneaking around in the dark, and you deliver burgers. Burger King made the game… It’s not a good game to buy… You’re like a guy dressed up like a king, with a big creepy mask… you know, there was this commercial…. just, it’s not good. it’s bad.”)

Lately I’ve been getting YouTube links for quotes from my favorite shows, just for kicks and general web posting, such as:

or these from the office, which seem very useful:

 and this

I like watching seasons in their entirety, including miscellaneous reality shows, so I’ve seen season one of hoarders and undercover boss thanks to Netflix. “Hoarders” I watched while I went though junk in my walk-in storage. It was great motivation to throw things away.

Undercover Boss was kinda fun, it was just feel good TV. Hard working people getting recognized and promoted is nice to see, even if its just for entertainment. I hope that the general public continues to be entertained by stories of life improvement, so that Extreme Home Makeover can keep giving away houses, HGTV can keep remodeling rooms in peoples homes for free. etc. I think it’s one of the more responsible things that can be done with advertising dollars.


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