Its seems like once a game gets popular enough, they hand it over to a team of 13 year old boys. This was the case with great franchises such as Tony Hawk, SSX, and Guitar Hero.Why don’t these games grow and age with the people playing them, instead of getting stuck in a teenage wasteland? Some parallels can be made to various companies who seem to exploit a certain title or series (nintendo, final fantasy) but they manage to balance the level of exposure and demand with the level of quality. And i think you can tell just by looking at the box art.

The ones on the left? Pretty nice! The ones on the right? They get a little lazy, I think, and not lazy in an awesome way, lazy in a “we never replaced this makeshift cover art but that’s ok” kinda of way. But you know, I don’t expect much of Activision these days. Nothing classy anyway. Nothing, let me repeat, like this.


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