How Not to Suck At Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

If you’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts since 2003 this post is not for you. If you picked up Birth By Sleep on a whim for your PSP and you’re finding it tough, here are a few tips:

1. Meld. Meld again. And then meld again.
It may not seem important as you play, but when it comes to boss time, you’ll be sorry if you didn’t. The meld list is very long too. You may want to buy a strategy guide or looks online, like here so you know what makes what. That way you won’t waste a bunch of leveled up spells.

2. Backtrack.
If you seem stuck at a certain point, backtrack to the places you’ve already been. It can feel like a waste of time, but you will find things you missed and level up as you go.

3. Command board.
It’s weird. There’s no reason to have a board game in the middle of an rpg. They could have made everything easier to get in the main game and not had a command board, but they didn’t. So use it. It’s an alright distraction from the regular game play and can help you level up.

4. Stay in touch with the story.
You can mostly go where you want and do what you want in this game. For this reason, it can be hard to keep up with what is happening. Notice the battle levels on the different worlds as they open. You don’t have to do them in difficulty order, but it’s not a bad idea. The fights will gradually get harder, and the storyline will more logically progress.

5. Take notes.

There’s enough spells, abilities, and items to keep up with that you may want to take notes. I had a group of pages for each character as I played, and my organization got a little better with each play-through. I used a steno notebook because it’s already formatted for columns. Some may feel that taking notes for a game is too much like work, but its quicker, in my opinion, than having to constantly refer to the guide book or in-game menus.

The inherent flaw/advantage in Birth by Sleep is that you will play the game three times. Each time you play, it’s gets a bit easier, but also a little more boring.


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