I liked de Blob

Rather, I like it, as I have yet to beat it. It is another fun and upbeat game predictably on Nintendo Wii, but made by THQ .his Spring a sequel will be released for 360, PS3, and Wii. I’m glad to see this fun little game get a multi-platform release. The original feature de Blob, a amorphous orb best thought of as a ball of paint. It is the players task to navigate deblob along the color deprived areas of city, leading an underground movement to restore joy after the inky goverment starts regulating color.  It’s sort of a cheesy re-hashing of a classic plot, but there’s something catchy about it.

The use of sound in the game may be the reason I enjoy it so much. It starts silent, then as you add color, there music goes from simple beats to a crazy jamming party. I haven’t heard much about deBlob 2 but I’m interested to see if the game has the same feel when played with an average controller. The wii controller had you actually flicking de Blob around, so pushing buttons might feel a little boring. Additionally, niche games like this one don’t fare as well on additional systems. Katamari Damacy has been on four systems, and by the time it finally made it to ps3 it was merely fan service (which we fans appreciated!) but just a re-hashing of what had already been done. I hope de Blob continues to innovate and grow with each new title. Though, the SyFy kids logo in the bottom corner has me worried, and feeling a little ridiculous for being so excited for this game.

And by the way, blob is green on the 360 cover, red on the PS3 cover and blue on the Wii cover. Colors are fun!


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