Fable 3 Spoilers

It’s in the title. I’m about to talk about the end here. I want to give you fair warning. Just… avert your eyes if you care to. I’ll put the spoilers after the jump.

Ok. So, I’ve played through Fable once as a good guy and now I’m going back as an evil guy. As a good guy, I wasn’t all that good and actually let about 4 million people die. I thought that sounded horrible, but as it turns out, after the invasion, life pretty much went back to normal. There were a couple of corpses strewn about, but no big deal. I can still do missions and such in that save. As a mean guy, I’m trying to be pure evil. The very essence of evil. I want to save absolutely everyone.

I thought these were the only two options, but I was talking fable with someone the other day and they said they were the essence of nice, so when the darkness came, everyone died. Every single person. So, in his save, when he walks through the streets, there is just no one anywhere.

The sad part is this person now hates the game. I think there are some games that you have to play twice to get the full experience. I think games should have extreme consequences because they are fictional, and you have that ability. But this should result in two valid and exciting experiences.  It’s a huge deterrent for someone to play the game and have everyone die.

Maybe Fable should have some voice over or dialog about how you should play again, just to suggest that it’s possible to save people and keep playing that save if you leave some alive. Or maybe that’s the responsibility of the gamer. I dunno. It just seems so horrible to play Fable and then have that ending, which after speeding through the year of rule, you feel cheated out of $60.


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