I missed E3

It was a liberating experience, but also a little frightening. Just the feeling of missing out, when I absolutely could have watched everything as it happened for the first time since I cared about E3 was sort of shocking. But, I was doing a very worthwhile gaming free thing, and I don’t regret that. I do have a passion for it, and I have pretty much every worthwhile current gaming thing. I will probably go the Gamefly route from now on, but I am slowing slipping back into the gaming world.

My departure was aided by the new Gawker sites… they work better now, but they were rather broken. It seemed irresponsible to be for them to have a mediocre site that they were pushing over one that, despite its shortcomings, worked just fine. I stuck on past more deserters, but when I could not get any RSS reader to stream it to my phone, well, it was the last straw for me. I left it on my phone screen, with it’s sad “no recent updates” message for a couple months.

I do think that gaming is in a lull in general. It’s been years since a major console release, and we are just coasting along. The games are all packed into fall, and then spring is inevitably boring, and in summer they just tell you what you can’t have till the holidays. If there is anytime to lose interest in gaming, this is it. E3 is a well placed and now well publicized event that helps renew an interest and faith in a cyclical, money hungry industry. I think that the challenge of Apple and Android have allowed for some needed new competitors. The shenanigans that have earned Nintendo a lot of money have also proven to stretch the idea of who a gamer is and what a gamer plays. Nintendo’s success has disallowed other companies from ignoring that oil field. And Apple, surprisingly, is beginning to challenge Nintendo’s long rein in the realm of handheld gaming. . All of this is making the news from E3 (that I am now catching up on) a little more interesting.


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