Wii 1.5

To say that the Wii U is not at all a new system and simply a repackaging of the Wii is easily in troll territory, but I think it is a valid argument. The power does not surpass other current systems, HD is something they could have done from the get-go and Nintendo has used handhelds as second screens in the past (Zelda and Crystal Chronicles on Gamecube). Now, they are just giving you the handheld with the system. They are selling the Wii for a mere $150, and we know that Nintendo always makes a profit. Wiis are so cheap, and the market so saturated with them, they might as well introduce a new system that includes the obvious omissions of their last. By staggering their release, they are competing with essentially no one. If the Wii U can last past the hypothetical Playstation 4 and Xbox 720, it will not have to compete as it did last time. It may not be the best strategy in the minds of gamers, but it is certainly profitable. Such a similar system with improvements to match years old technology may seem like a hard sell, but we have to remember who we are dealing with. Can we really doubt that Nintendo will have a hard time selling a dual screened gaming system?


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