I can hear them calling

All those games I haven’t been playing… when I walk by them, when my mind wanders, I hear them calling. I suppose like any addiction, you can kick it out of sheer will for a while but your motivations wanes and you can’t help your thoughts drifting back…

I still have the feeling that game playing will not breed productivity, but I also have the feeling that the first feeling is not so important. I spied a good number of games on my shelf that I never really got the chance to play. I always wanted to play back through some game series, such as Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. I’ve written about those very goals on this blog more than once. Work and life always got in the way. I finally have the time to indulge in such things but I feel guilty for indulging. Certainly there is something more worthwhile I could be doing with my time. And all the same, I can hear them calling.


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