Top Gear

I’ve always liked cars, in an ineffable sort of way. I’m not sure where this started, maybe it’s just always been true. I like matchbox cars as a kid, like driving now and like playing driving video games. I don’t know anything about cars though, really. I just know I like them.

And that’s enough for Top Gear to be one of my more recent, more awesome discoveries. I caught an episode a couple years ago on BBC America and have loved it ever since. You don’t have to know anything about cars or even like them to enjoy the show. I am currently watching every single episode in succession on Netflix. The early years aren’t quite as good, but once they hit their stride the show is simply the best of its kind. My favorite episodes are the ones where they go to some other country and explore the limits of their cars and their selves.

I don’t have more to say than that. This was a bit anti-climactic, so I’ll sum up with some hopes. I hope to know more about cars one day, be able to fix my own car, buy nifty old used cars for kicks, things like that. I don’t need them to be the top of the line because I don’t have any practical use for them. Its much more fun for me to have some lower grade car that you can push to the limits on everyday streets.


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