I love Fizzl’d Fruits Skittles

They are my favorite candy, and I can’t even say that they are the best candy, I just happen to find them particularly addictive. Many people don’t like them, and that’s understandable, as they explain here, here, and here.

Its sort of like eating the pop rock dust and skittles at the same time. It only fizzes a little, but it’s just enough for me. Some people find the sodium bicarbonate disgusting, but I don’t mind it. The salty sweetness reminds me of trail mix, in a way. Every time I see them in a store (which is rare) I grab about seven bags.

I bought them absent-mindedly one day at Walgreens before a road trip, loved them, and then couldn’t find them anywhere for over three months. I finally found some at Fry’s Electronics, then again at Jungle Jims. The ones at Jungle Jims even had a contest on them, so I hope this means they intend to keep making them.


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