The Art of Capitalism?

Alright, I think it’s great that they bought everything to help out a nice old man, but they are just reselling it for a ton of money… and it’s just a $2 pack of gum in a plastic box, for $65? Seriously? Clip art style images as prints for $200? This is the business I need to be in, because some of this stuff has actually sold.

If they had bought out the store, then threw a nice big party, that would be nice. But they bought it so they could resell it through their own pretentious “art”… it’s capitalism at its finest, I suppose.

But good for Hercules. I guess it’s not unlike extreme home makeover, where they build the house for some destitute family, but really just to advertise different products and the home receivers often leave the home due to property taxes, bills, etc. When you build a gigantic house in an otherwise normal neighborhood, it can cause some issues, which you can see here, here, and here

No, it is unlike that because advertisers who pay for the home are at least selling a product at a mostly reasonable price, whereas these kids are reselling it for hundreds. And that looked like so little money in the suitcase too… I hope they gave some of the resale profits back to the shop owner.


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