The New Generation of Car Enthusiasts

I found something of interest while reading jalopnik, following old links and such: the website decided to take a turn for the better about a year ago, pledging to become more than just an advertising extension. They stated that this meant allowing the not so informed car enthusiast to find their site welcoming, aka me. I rarely look at the site, so I don’t know if they are succeeding, but one thing I think is crucial is education.

This is what I think Top Gear UK is so good at, mixing enthusiasm with education, fanaticism with light-heated fun. I wish that I know of a website that also reflected this. For example, Lifehacker offered an instructional series called “night class” or something like that, and gave the basics to different programs. i09 does some random stories about advanced science. Kotaku does some nearly educational retro articles.

The great thing about the internet is that if you don’t readily see what it is you want, you can rather quickly create it yourself, or wait five minutes for someone else to do so.


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