I Disagree

I don’t know how to extract the video, but here is the link :
Step one: LA Step two: Rethink game collection.
It’s not the article that I disagree with, but the video. Something seems excessively extreme about it, yes? For a while I have only been reading Kotaku when there is news, so maybe this is what they do when there is no news. Now that E3 is winding down, maybe this will be the type of thing they do. I hope it isn’t, because this story was so strange to me, and so out of place, because the premise itself seemed… false.

Gamers always game all the time because they can’t stop the constant gaming? Maybe I’m just annoyed by collective speak. I can understand that writing for Kotaku and having your own gaming blog would lead you to say something like that. But from my understanding of gaming, and the reflection of Kotaku itself… that’s not what “we” do. So its contradicting for someone to say “All we do is game” when people who comment on the site and run it don’t conform to that.

Basically, I neither agree with nor believe her. If all she did was game, there is no way that she would not have shipped that stuff with her. If all she does is game, and even 20 minutes in the car was too long without a game, that car would have had more games in it. 
Real addicts prepare better for such situations. I routinely stood on a chair to play midnight club in college because the only good place to put our TV was in the top of the closet. I take four (sometime five) fully charged handhelds on any road trip longer than an hour. (Where I live, if you are driving more than an hour, you are probably driving for three hours before you get to anywhere worth going.) There is no way that, among my things, I would not be able to include many gaming systems and games, even if I had to leave the cases at home and pack the systems in odd left over spaces between the boxes in my car. If she were such a serious gamer, she would have tried harder.
I think she was exaggerating, trying to relate to “us gamers” and I don’t think it worked. This is probably one of the few things that I am taking too seriously.  

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