Microsoft Farts in your General Direction

 “Microsoft spent the better part of the last decade in a legal battle against the continent of Europe. At the same time they were mired in that international legal dispute, they were fighting a case brought against them by the United States of America. Basically, western civilization itself was battling against Microsoft in the courts for the better part of a decade and Bill Gates is still toweling himself off each night with the silky hides of endangered baby seals. Threatening Microsoft with legal action as a single human being is like trying to attack a hive of Africanized murder bees with a piece of gum you found in a urinal. That’s not to say one person couldn’t conceivably rout Microsoft in a legal dispute; after all it was a single, well-placed torpedo that brought down the entire Death Star. But the difference is the Death Star was fiction and Luke wasn’t demonstrably guilty of severe violations of XBL’s terms of service.”  — Seth, “The Village of the Banned”,

This article talked about the Xbox Live banned forum, which is essentially to Xbox Live as the cornfield is to Kotaku, except people don’t end up there on a whim.   


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