Over a month! I worked a lot on overhauling this blog, prepping to make it public as it is currently private, and my writing engine just ran out of steam. There is no particular reason, but part of my absence was the realization that if I really wanted this blog, and any other internet things to really look the way that I wanted, I was going to have to learn more about CSS, and maybe more about programming in general. I thought I would learn some about databases (to help organize my files) and some about programming for databases (to access my files) and a friend mentioned Ruby as a programming language that I should look into. Being the deliberate person that I am, I rented a book from the library about Ruby Programming and, about 70 or so hours later, read the book cover to cover, programming every example and improving upon the programs where I saw fit.

Though I failed to acknowledge that it at the time, I think this wore me out a bit, understandably. I also fell behind on a lot of miscellaneous housework, so I had a lot of mental and physical catching up to do. I rearranged the office furniture again, hung hardware for curtains, rearranged the master bath, switched bathroom mirrors, etc.

There was also quite a heatwave that kept me inside. I haven’t been outside in a meaningful way since, so our yard is out of control. Today I intend to find someone with an electric or gas powered weed eater, because I already went through both our batteries today and barely made a dent. I will also need a leaf blower to try to clean it all up. Our grass went completely dormant, so its not as bad as it could be. In a lot of the shady areas not seen from inside the house have grass knee-high, though.

So, how much will I be writing here? I just don’t know. I’ve made many plans to do so, but as it is one of many hobbies, it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. I hope to do some new house projects that will inch us closer to being open-house ready, and will surely update those as I completely them.


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