This seems to be a monthly update, so I’m going to run with it. This last month is more traceable than the previous update. Shortly after that update, I started taking the carpet off my stairs. Things went very well, as the stairs were in better shape than I expected. I prepped and began painting them, when from seemingly nowhere, our cat, Roxas, made a mad dash up the stairs. I tried to stop her; her entire back leg sunk deep into the paint can and she was off down the stairs again before I knew what happened. By the time I came to my wits she had walked all the way through the living room, dining room, and back again.

So, we got new laminate floors. They were difficult to install across two rooms and though they look fine, I am not satisfied with how they turned out. The floor is so tall that the transitions are really stretching to make the gap. The whole process sort of upturned our house, so it’s been a slow process to get it back together again.

There was also another trip to Ikea after selling our elliptical. And finally, finally bought the Malm bed from Ikea on price drop and I love it so much, that I am sure I should have bought that instead of a PS3, instead of a myriad of games and other knick nacky things that I did not love as much as I love this bed frame.

The countdown is on for selling the house. It is now October, which leaves us five short months before we can move out. I really wanted to get everything done so we could enjoy it all finished some before we sold it. But, there’s no guarantee that we will be able to sell it, so that opportunity is very possibly waiting out there for us.

For the last week I’ve been on a Japanese learning and reading bender, doing Japanese coach back to where I was previously and in book one chapter four in my college textbook. I made the commitment to do every single exercise in the book, which is incredibly redundant. I don’t really have a way to check my answers, so I’m hoping the excess of practice will allow me to catch most issues on my own. Soon I will be watching more anime to help bring it all together, as I don’t have the listening cd for the book.

I read Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, Bossypants by Tina Fey, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I’m onto a book about how Nintendo invaded America and another about Surveillance in America, with one on request about how psychopaths are running America.Though I like getting things done around the house, it doesn’t help me to have things to talk about, so the books are filling that gap.


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