Free Time

My time is basically my own these days, but lately I’ve dedicated most of it to final home improvements. Our house is now on the market. I’m working on another blog detailing the improvements we’ve made in the last three years. Many of them have taken place in the last three months.

Before that, I was learning a handful of programming languages (mostly Ruby), assuming that I would attempt freelance work in that field. My intent has not changed, but for now I am working on HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, and maybe a touch of JavaScript. I have a friend who programs apps in Objective C, and I can see why he is such an asset at his company. I researched Objective C to see if I’d want to learn it, and the answer was an emphatic and definite “NO.” It was suggested that one should know Java or C++ and be familiar with C and maybe know some corresponding frameworks before taking on Objective C, and then after that, you would be ready for iOS programming. I’ve certainly learned languages without the suggested prerequisites, but I don’t have a Mac, so I decided to stick to what I can do with the computers I have for free.

In terms of gaming, there hasn’t been much to write here because I haven’t played much. I would like to get the Vita, but that will have to wait until we sell our house. The Blockbuster pass has been excellent, except for the two months I had to wait for SSX. I think I will buy it on PS3 simply because of how much SSX I played on PS2. Playing on 360 feels unnatural in comparison. But on either system, it feels like SSX 4, which has been a long time coming. On Tour and Blur were bad spin-offs.

Our PS3 was upstairs until recently, when moving around furniture caused it to end up in our bedroom. Mod Nation Racers was still inside, from months (or years?) ago when I bought it. I started playing it and realized  had never beaten it. This was after a long break from gaming, which must have invigorated my gaming prowess. I quickly conquered the rest of the game. The only other game I’m working on is Ghost Recon on 3DS. I beat it on easy, now I’m trying again on hard.

I don’t think these count, but I’m playing Draw Something, Words with Friends, and Angry Birds Space on my phone. We also took up DnD 4e, which is like playing Skyrim with a pencil and paper. And on that note, Skyrim is still amazing and will have Kinect integration soon… so we’ll be getting a Kinect soon.


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