Batman Sidenote

Even deBlob lets you decide so save or not save people. I’m beyond frustration as the last hour or more has been spent trying to break the ice without dying in Batman. I’m in some sort of ballroom, which has been sealed, filled with water, and contains a shark. Even for a world of superheros and villains, this is on the edge of practical.

I think that this game can be painfully linear at times, making you feel like someone is holding your hand, dragging you from one activity to the next. But then, to make it seem like they tried to make a good game, they randomly and abruptly let go of your hand, but with no proper context. This was my issue with Uncharted as well. Sometimes, the puzzle solving is good and sometimes, they merely give you no hints and leave you in a room till you make the correct assumption. I think that this is lazy and uninspired puzzle creation. Instead of crafting a puzzle that is complex, they make a simple one with no context.

Now, having died 20 (literally 20) times, I’m sick of this mediocre game event, and I can’t leave the room either. The rest of this game isn’t difficult, so surely I’m missing something here.

…I can batclaw the raft? Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing Portal (where good puzzles come from), maybe it’s because I just assumed that such a juvenile level of problem solving would be unheard of, but yeah. I can batclaw the raft. 400 riddler trophies, but I can batclaw the raft.

Edit: This was a draft from when I was playing Batman a while back. So, the date it a bit misleading but here it is. 


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