Why We Hate Us

The new rule for our book selection process is that we will pick each pick three books in turn and the other person will get to pick one of the three to read together. I think he just picked the shortest one, but that’s ok.

This one is about why America finds America so obnoxious, and the basic reason will be low self esteem. Just like in individuals, Low Self Esteem has nothing to do with that which is entitled to you, but all about perceptions and love. As we have a crappy societal definition of love (which I am reading about in this book), and a very successful marketing environment that creates perceptions, we are pretty much screwed. But! We will see how this book goes about addressing that, and if it is worth a read after all. 
We decided not to continue reading the book, because it seemed more like a collection of articles, and often repeated itself. It was too hard to say engaged. Though, that does still make it true that if I pick a book, we don’t read it. I pretty much give up on expecting to be able to read a book with my husband, even though it seems like such a great idea. I’m usually the one forcing the momentum and without trying to find books for both of us to read, I’ve read like 12. Shrug.

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