Ruth Heller

Ruth Heller is an award winning designer and artist. I can’t say I’ve read any of her books, but she had a series called “designs for coloring”, and the two geometrics entries are favorites of mine. Essentially, they are grown-up coloring books. I first discovered them quite young, and bought a 50 pack of super tip crayola markers to color them. I have recently bought one of the geometric books again, to color again but also display in my house in some sort of artful way that has yet to be decided.

I found out today, after a quick Google search, that she was married and widowed twice, paid her way though college by being a secretary, and pursued art as a lifelong dream. Her first art job wasn’t until she was close to her 40s, and her first book published a few years later. The ones I enjoy so much weren’t published until she was in her late 60s.

Post originally published in a previous blog on 6/12/11


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