Bittersweet Game Room

I have almost completed my favorite room in the house: the game room. We’re still calling it the loft out of habit, as that is where the games were in the last house. Because it was open to downstairs and the front door, it never seemed appropriate to hang a bunch of posters all over. Now the game room is in the smallest bedroom upstairs, it is an explosion of everything video games. 
Seeing all that I have collected (hoarded?) in one place is a bit overwhelming. It’s almost embarrassing. Or, it would be if I wasn’t so proud.
The final addition will be the video game t-shirt blanket, which I began along time ago. With the blanket complete, I will be able to hibernate in gaming bliss. I have dozens of games I have put off playing, choosing to work our house instead. While I wait for coats to dry on the final painting projects, I’ll be working on the blanket once again and, eventually, getting around to those unplayed, still-wrapped games.
The bittersweet part about this is we fully intend to move in less than a year. In a few months time it will all be boxed up and but a memory. I will obviously re-create it in the next house, but I like this iteration so much I that I am sad it will be so short.

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