Four in February

Mike Suzek of Joystiq started an informal challenge recently: commit to finishing four games in February. When Owen Good of Kotaku asked if they should be games you have never played or games you just never finished, Suzek basically said do what feels right. The subtext of this challenge was to end the shame of never completing certain games. My Four in February are listed below. One of them isn’t out yet, two are moderately shameful and one is kinda ridiculous.

First in February:

Fire Emblem: Awakening comes out on the fourth. I’ve talked enough about this already, so moving on.

Second in February:

I bought the Collectors Edition of AC3 (so much swag!) but haven’t played it because I haven’t even started Revelations. I know that doesn’t matter, but I’ve had Revelations in wrap since it released. Why? That’s a longer story for a different post.

Third in February:

I have almost bought The Orange Box more times than I can count. I’ve carried it hopefully through stores only to find something newer and more exciting. I played Portal 2 and everything. I think I heard so much about the first one, I just didn’t bother.

Fourth in February:

Yeah. I don’t know what to say. This one makes me truly ashamed. I have never finished any Zelda console game. Some of these I have started and not finished, but I think I’ll pick one I’ve never tried.

You can publicly discuss your four by tweeting with the hashtag ‘#4if‘ or on the Four in February Facebook page. If you’re undecided, seeing what others picked and why is a great way to brainstorm. There’s been talk of making this a charitable effort: you could sell the games after you play them, and give the money to charity. It would be nice if a company like Microsoft gave a few cents for every game beaten next month (based on a completion achievement). But, chances are the charity aspect of this will come from individuals.


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