The Week Ahead

Over the last month or so, I’ve been roaming the halls of Kotaku. My reason to return to the site was twofold: absorbing every little bit of Awakening conversation and getting back into a writing habit. I’ve recently joined Polygon, which seems a bit more active in forums and vigilantly moderated. I’m sure I’ll keep up my activities at both sites next week.

Play Station All Stars for Vita just arrived from GameFly today. I convinced Aaron to start playing Fire Emblem, so this will allow me to actually let go of my 3DS a bit. Maybe.

I decided it was high time to start programming again, so I went the *** to the library. I was making strides in this area, but stopped when it came time to sell my house. I intend to start with the PHP book first. I think my Ruby understanding is still intact, but I hope the two books here will help me make those skills a bit more applicable. Finally, the software dev book is to help my understanding of the field, and decide if it’s something I’d like to look into more seriously.

I happened to see this article about cleaning up your house in a weekend. I currently have a bit of a clutter situation. My last house had a lot more storage than this house, which lead me to keep more crap than I needed. I’ve gotten rid of a fair bit, but still the clutter lurks. Most everything in the aforementioned article was obvious, but sometimes obvious things listed objectively lends perspective.

Lastly, I’ve got a family cruise coming up this summer and still haven’t gotten a passport. They are pricey! 


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