Welcome to Immisceo

I’ve fooled around with the idea of a book list, which would contain all the things I check out from the library as well as everything I read, as well as my thoughts and reviews about these books. I was originally going to use a tumblr or twitter account, but neither seemed to be a good fit.

The title is some miscellaneous Latin, which means to blend or intermingle. I feel that as you gain knowledge, everything you learn joins into the web of what you already knew, blending together to create wisdom. This blog will often be about books, but also about other things I learn from television shows, documentaries, and maybe just life in general.

It might be full-on reviews, or just quick notes. I’ll be pulling over some old posts from other blogs that are a better fit here, so those will actually pre-date this introductory post.  I’ve also retroactively updated this post… so… some serious timey-wimey stuff happening here.